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EXECUTIVE is one of the emerging consulting companies in Nepal operating since early of 2012 and was registered in 24 Magh 2068 under the Company Act 2063 of Government of Nepal. It is dedicated to Nation Building through providing excellent professional performance. EXECUTIVE has had dedicated its efforts for development of strong professionalism and high quality of works. Since its establishment, EXECUTIVE has been very much particular about the timely completion of assignment trusted to it, maintaining professional standards and quality of its deliverables.

Our Services

Water Supply and Sanitation

EXECUTIVE has been providing the services that ranges from rural settings to urban infrastructure settings.…

Irrigation and Hydrology

EXECUTIVE have carried out planning, detailed feasibility studies, socio-economic studies, detailed…

Road and Transportation

EXECUTIVE have adequate experience of working in road and transportation related projects which includes…

Environment and Climate Change

EXECUTIVE has carried out advisory activities beginning from the policy level to the activities at the…

Community Led Infrastructure Planning

EXECUTIVE, under the community led infrastructure planning involved a community working together on…

Urban and Regional Planning

EXECUTIVE has been providing inputs for the infrastructure planning, landscape planning, retrofitting…


EXECUTIVE have been providing services in the building sectors with the key expertise in cost estimating,…

Research and Training

EXECUTIVE has been involved in the transfer of knowledge through training. The training courses are…

Policy and Guidelines

EXECUTIVE, over the years have increased and diversified the expertise in policy and guidelines. This…

Latest Projects

  • Policy and Guidelines

    Urban Water Supply and Sanitation

    The project administration manual (PAM) describes the essential administrative and management requirements to implement the project on time, within budget, and in accordance with the policies and procedures of the government and Asian Development Bank (ADB). The PAM should include references to all…

  • Policy and Guidelines

    Small Town Water Supply & Sanitation

    The objectives of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project are to raise living standards in rural areas of Nepal by: (i) delivering sustainable health and hygiene benefits to the rural population through improvements in water supply and sanitation

  • Research and Training

    Detailed engineering survey and cost estimation of Pashupatinath water supply project, 2019
    Location Kathmandu
    Completed Year 14 Feb, 2019
    Client Regional Monitoring and Supervision office,ministry of water supply


  • Research and Training

    Feasibility study of Bulk water transmission pipeline system parallel to east west highway-Package no. II, 2018
    Location Nawalparasi, Rupandehi, Kapilbastu and Dang
    Completed Year 10 Sep, 2018
    Client GoN, Ministry of water supply, Climate resilient large water supply project, Panipokhari, ktm


  • Building

    Detail Survey, Design, and Estimate of Gajuri Bazaar Water Quality Improvement Project of Dhading, 2015
    Location Dhading
    Completed Year 12 July, 2015
    Client DWSS, Panipokhari, Ktm


  • Building

    Detailed Engineering Study & Design Work in Kakani WSSP, Kakani VDC-1,2,5,6, Kharanitar WSSP, Kharanitar VDC-1-9, Balkumari WSSP, Balkumari VDC-3,6,8,9 and Chaughoda WSSP, Chaughoda VDC-6-9 Water Supply Projects, 2015
    Location Nuwakot
    Completed Year 10 July, 2015
    Client DWSS, Nuwakot



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